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November 13 - Unit 3 November13 2007 Guest speaker Victor...

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-1 Unit 3 November13, 2007 Guest speaker: Victor Probey, Professor Argument between religion and science is overblown. Are science and religion mutually exclusive? They are both trying to find out how something works, but in very different ways. -Knowledge to a scientist is what they can observe. Science is not about belief. -Religion is discussing they way human beings work. In general, science makes no claims about truth, only about how things work. Not quite the same thing. How to understand not how to believe. You must have strict proof to back up the things you say. How can religion intersect with science with no discussion? Religion is making a mistake by refusing to acknowledge science. Religion is very far behind from science in this respect. This disconnect is tragic. Why is science so appealing? Scientist are constantly having to change what they know as new things are discovered. Science is constantly changing. Have to change their mind when new facts appear.
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