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-1 November 15, 2007 Write a 2 page paper on your experience volunteering, and some of the issues that were addressed. (Amy is a whore. That should be a test question, T or F) We do not come into this world we come out of it, like leaves from a tree. -Alan Watts No Class on Tuesday…THANK YOU ALEX! Rastafarian Culture Babylonian exile 587 BC -Babylonians conquered the Israelites Zionism- Jewish, believing in Israel right to exist. Rasta music has very spiritual and religious undertones. 1. Emerges in Jamaica 18 th and 19 th centuries: British colonizing Jamaica. Struggles going on over control of the Caribbean. They brought African slaves. Throughout the 1700’s the church of England (Anglican) did NOT evangelize the slaves in Jamaica. Racism Jamaicans were looking for alternatives from traditional Christianity. 2. Ethiopian Prince Ras Tafari. 1930 Emperor Haile Selassie. Marcus Garvey: Look to Africa for a movement of cultural liberation, looking for a messianic figure. Haile Selassie came to be viewed as the black Messiah and God.
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