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American Ethnicity 3 - Alexandra Wittchen American...

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Alexandra Wittchen American Ethnicity Professor Elesh Paper 3 September 12, 2007 Placing Race in Context by Clara E. Rodriguez and Hector Cordero-Guzman In the United States race has, for the most part, been categorized as a biological differentiation between people. It is only recently that scientists are beginning to disregard this statement based on developments regarding the environmental nature surrounding race. However, this belief regarding race is not the belief held by other parts of the world. As Rodriguez and Cordero-Guzman point out in their essay, people in the U.S. who are considered black can go to Latin America and be categorized as white. Latin Americans classify race based on a whole different set of criteria than we do here in America. Issues such as economic class, personality, how someone dresses, and education are all brought into play when categorizing someone as ‘white’ or ‘black’ or somewhere in-between. It is a more socio-economic conception of race. Rodriguez and Cordero-Guzman also make an interesting point when they talk about the 1980 decennial census. When Puerto Ricans were asked to identify themselves as White, Black, or Other, 48 percent of them said ‘Other’ and wrote in a Spanish descriptor. 4 percent said ‘Other’ but did not write anything in, 44 percent said ‘White’
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American Ethnicity 3 - Alexandra Wittchen American...

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