Exam #2 - Annie Rhodes Midterm 2 April 7 2008 POL 407 KIM...

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Annie Rhodes Midterm # 2 April 7, 2008 POL 407/ KIM PART A 1. The main goal sought by individual congressman in the Mayhewian Congress is reelection (Mayhew pg. 13). This is not necessarily always true, but it provides a starting point and is an assumption made by Mayhew’s theory of Congress. To achieve this goal a Congressman relies on the tactics of advertising, credit claiming, and position taking. When a congressman advertises it is in an effort to disseminate information about themselves. Advertisements are designed to create a favorable impression of the candidate exclusively “personal” in nature and with absolutely no politics. This involves no actual action. The trick to position taking is to only take a stand on issues of broad interest, preferably something uncontroversial. An example of this would be taking a stand on education. Most everyone is for education and there is usually little controversy, only slight differences in how to achieve it therefore it can be seen as a way a Congressman is doing something without upsetting constituents and/or other Congressman. In other words make a lot of noise but don’t offend anyone. Credit Claiming is when a Congressman creates the belief that they are personally responsible for something nice that the government had done. They must stick to being responsible for a small action for credit claiming or it is not believable (lec. 2/18/08). Based on this a Mayhewian Congress is; organized to support the electoral efforts of its members, highly individualistic, and congressmen are free to do whatever they need for reelection (lec 2/18). If they didn’t follow these rules and trying for reelection they will soon become ex-congressmen. According
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Exam #2 - Annie Rhodes Midterm 2 April 7 2008 POL 407 KIM...

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