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Commitment to a course of action again consistency

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Unformatted text preview: rse of action Again, consistency “Watch my stuff” Foot in the door Low balling Compliance Strategies Compliance Commitment to a course of action Initiation rituals & hazing Group belonging Cognitive dissonance; effort justification effort How do we influence people? How Compliance – requests and persuasion Obedience – authoritative force Conformity – mimic the group Obedience Obedience Types of influential status/power: Information (gossip) & reputation Good deeds vs. transgressions Stigmatization Conditioning/learning • Premack Principle Ostracism (group behavior) Obedience Obedience Types of influential power: Authority Expertise Charisma or referent power Legitimate power (police, teachers) Coercion • Violence or threat of violence Obedience Obedience Milgram study Obedience Obedience Milgram study facts: 2/3 obeyed through highest shock level (450 2/3 volts); ½ fully obeyed Obedience declined somewhat in downtown Obedience Connecticut office (not affiliated with Yale campus) campus) Zimbardo’s coda Obedience Obedience Milgram study: Proximity of “learner” and authority figure Proximity “learner” Direct contact (“responsibility”) Replication Stop at 150 volts, 1st protest, and extrapolate Modeling and/or social support No sex/gender differences No education/SES differences Personality Implications Implications Good vs. evil Power of the situation (ex...
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