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Evil power of the situation external attribution

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Unformatted text preview: ternal attribution) Environmental context; socialization “Replicating Milgram” Conformity Conformity Conformity Conformity Social norms; in-group pressure Normative Social Influence • Desire to “fit in” Desire “fit Informative Social Influence • Desire to be “correct” Desire “correct” Desire for consistency • Cognitive dissonance (sometimes) Asch Line study Asch Conformity Conformity Autokinetic effect 3 people judge light movement, conform people gradually gradually Bring in 4th, quickly conforms to group norm Bring 5th, 6th person – entirely new group Trans-generational norms Variables that influence conformity Variables Motivation to belong, liking, or commitment Motivation to a group to Social support for resisting Anonymity – blind responses Variables that influence conformity Variables Size of the group Larger more conformity Larger Anonymity is the exception Status within group Curvilinear association Personality Self-esteem, anxiety, vague self-concept Variables that influence conformity Variables Minority influence Consistency in arguments/behavior Confidence (a priori knowledge, expertise) Confidence Independence (no conflict of interest) Conformity Conformity Positive psychology perspective Health & well-being Safety Safety Littering, recycling Littering,...
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