Geoffrey Book VIII, IX & X

Geoffrey Book VIII, IX & X - Geoffrey Notes on Book VIII,...

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Unformatted text preview: Geoffrey Notes on Book VIII, IX and X BOOK VIII- Ambrosius begins to rebuild his territories and restore it to how it was prior to the Saxons. “Status Quo”- Ambrosius decides to build a monument for those that were slaughtered in the Hengist surprise attack o They contact Merlin to see what he foresees as an appropriate burial ground o Merlin explains he can only use his powers for good and not evil as he wil lose all power if he does o He suggests that Ambrosius must go to Killaraus, Ireland to take the Giants Dance which are constructed of African stones o Merlin says the stones are strong and enormous and no one will be able to move them once placed by our skill.- Uther sets off with 15,000 men to invade Ireland to retrieve the stones o Gillomanius, the king of Ireland, fights Uther but loses and the Britons are free to take the rocks o Merlin creates magical machines which can lift and move the rocks to Salisbury where they celebrate Pentecost, a 50 feast. - Pascentius, Vortigern’s evil son, raises up a large army to invade the Britons but Ambrosius shuts them down. Pascentius now flees to Ireland to allies with Gillomanius.- Pascentius now offers a bounty of 1000lbs of silver for the person who kills Ambrosius. Eopa, a Saxon, disguises himself and poisons the sick Ambrosius...
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Geoffrey Book VIII, IX & X - Geoffrey Notes on Book VIII,...

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