PSYB45H3 - 2012 - Chapter 16 (Blackboard)(1)

Examples ant to ensure that your study ant behaviour

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Unformatted text preview: ironmental Examples ffice workers throw away ffice paper in the trash and do not recycle… recycle… olution? Examples ant to ensure that your study ant behaviour was maximized… behaviour olution? ACP & making competing responses less likely responses Manipulations for Undesired Behaviour rocedures to decrease the decrease probability of competing behaviour behaviour emove SDs or cues for competing behavior competing liminate EO for competing liminate behavior behavior Manipulations for Undesired Behaviour n the absence of the SD, the the the competing behaviour is less likely less xamples… Manipulations for Undesired Behaviour liminate EO for competing behavior behavior emember that without an EO: – The reinforcer for The competing behaviour will not be as potent not – The competing behaviour The Examples urchasing and eating junk urchasing food when grocery shopping… shopping… olution? Examples child with profound developmental disability engages in SIB which is reinforced by attention… reinforced olution? Manipulations for Undesired Behaviour ncrease response effort for competing behavior competing emember: behaviour that requires more response effort than a...
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