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PSYB45H3 - 2012 - Chapter 16 (Blackboard)(1)

Examples previous example in reverse workers are not

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Unformatted text preview: concurrent operant is less likely operant Examples bully in your classroom frequently picks on another student… student… olution? Examples previous example in reverse: workers are not recycling enough paper and are throwing it away… are olution? • Research has demon that antecedent control strategies are effective in increasing and decreasing a variety of behav • If person is engaging in behav excess, antecedent control strategies can make it less likely that the undesir will occir TIPS with using antecedent control procedures (beyond noted steps) (beyond TIPS with using AC Procedures 1. Observe for potential Observe antecedents carefully (sensitivity<->discretion) (sensitivity<->discretion) 2. Implore third-parties to Implore participate in this process participate 3. Attempt to identify Attempt alternative/competing behaviour to use counteractively counteractively Application #4 Application Your New Treadmill • Describe the three-term Describe contingency for walking on the treadmill and for competing behaviours that would exist in your life if you were going to adopt this goal were Application #6 Application Calvin • How could Calvin implement How Antecedent Control Procedures to help him Procedures reduce his soda consumption? consumption? ACP – Research • O’Callahan et al. (2006) • Journal of Applied Behavior Journal Analysis Analysis • The efficacy of The noncontingent escape for decreasing children’s disruptive behavior during restorative dental treatment restorative ACP – Research • Participants: 5 children Participants: • Setting: Dental visits • Procedure: Noncontingent Procedure: escape for disruptive behaviour behaviour Figure 1 Figure Figure 2 Figure Figure 3 Figure...
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