PSYB45H3 - 2012 - Chapter 16 (Blackboard)(1)

Functional nonaversive interventions not applying

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Unformatted text preview: target behaviour the One of the 3 functional, nonaversive interventions-not applying directy on person Antecedent Control Procedures They… • Address antecedents rather than Address consequences of operant behaviour BUT BUT • Do address consequences Do indirectly through manipulation of EO (establishing operations-things that make the behav more likely or less liekly to occur) less • Are also called stimulus control Are procedures or situational inducement inducement Antecedent Control Procedures Remember… • Antecedents are not always Antecedents obvious or seemingly overt (appearance/time) (appearance/time) • Person > intra-person Person intra-person behaviour behaviour ACP and evoking desired responses desired Manipulations for Desired Behaviour rocedures to INCREASE the rocedures INCREASE probability of the desirable target behaviour behaviour resent new or existing SDs or cues resent for desirable behavior for anipulate EO for desirable behavior anipulate EO anipulate Response Effort for anipulate Manipulations for Desired Behaviour Present SD or cues for Present desirable desirable behavior Remember: Remember: • The desirable behaviour is under The stimulus control of the SD of • When the SD is present, the behaviour is more likely more • Cues serve as prompts or Cues reminders reminders • Examples… Examples n a nursing home, social nursing c...
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