PSYB45H3 - 2012 - Chapter 16 (Blackboard)(1)

PSYB45H3 2012 Chapter 16(Blackboard(1)

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Unformatted text preview: ommunication is lacking between residents during mealtime… olution? olution? Examples ou don’t floss as regularly as ou you should… you olution? Examples ou don’t eat enough fruit at ou home home olution? Examples ou don’t study that effectively ou at home at olution? Examples ustomer’s children tend to be ustomer’s disruptive at your restaurant when waiting for food when olution? Manipulations for Desired Behaviour Manipulate EO for desirable Manipulate behavior Remember: Remember: • An EO makes the reinforcer for An EO the desirable behaviour more potent potent • An EO increases the An probability of the desirable behaviour behaviour • Examples… Examples ot hungry at dinner time ot (results poor nutritional intake)… intake)… olution? Examples ave difficulty falling asleep ave and getting up at a normal time (poor sleep hygiene)… time olution? Manipulations for Desired Behaviour Decrease response effort for Decrease desirable behavior Remember: • A behaviour is more probable behaviour when it requires less response effort than does a concurrent operant operant • Response effort may be Response decreased through environmental manipulation env...
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