Wace - Roman de Brut(1155)

Wace - Roman de Brut(1155) - Wace (1155) Norman French...

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Wace (1155) Norman French writer - speaks of noble love - first to mention the round table - first to mention the Briton Hope o this is the belief that after Arthur goes to the island of Avalon he will return to Briton to rule when they need him, Wace describes this as the Norman conquerors - not interested in church history as Geoffrey was - eliminates the brutal Arthur and creates a more peaceful honorable Arthur - the history content is very abridged up to the Arthur story which then becomes verbatim - the difference in his story compared to Geoffrey could be do to other manuscripts he possessed or possibly Norman folk law - much more knowledge in geography then Geoffrey was - shows definite dates based on Haley’s Comet sighting - more dialog and interaction between characters ROMAN de BRUT - the story starts with the assumption you know what has happened up to this point and Wace then says he fears explaining Merlin’s prophecies due to their complexity - The Easter feast comes where Uther meets Igerna and begins to covet her. o
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Wace - Roman de Brut(1155) - Wace (1155) Norman French...

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