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Midterm Paper assignment

Midterm Paper assignment - MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT Soc 105.3...

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MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT Soc 105.3 Introduction to Sociology Due: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 Do Either # 1 or #2 Question #1: 1. Most novels, short stories, movies and TV shows focus on one or more individuals. In many of them, a “character study” is part of the way they are introduced; that is, as we are given their background, we are also provided with information about their “character”—the way the handle various situations and the ways they react to various sorts of events around them. Then, after we get to “know them,” we can anticipate how they will react in various situations. For example, if an individual is introduced as a “tough guy,” we have some expectations that he will be able to “handle” a dangerous situation that he encounter later in the story. Your assignment is to choose a recent movie, or a current TV series that you find interesting enough to spend a lot of time analyzing. Make sure that your choice has an interesting male character, and then provide us with a description how that individual establishes his male identity, through enacting various elements of the male role. Then discuss the ways in which the male role channels his behavior into certain behavior and away from other behavior. In framing your essay, try to address some or all of the following issues: We discussed certain broad behavioral patterns (sturdy oak, give ’em hell, etc) that men use to establish their male identity. Which of these does your male character emphasize, and which does he specifically reject (if any) We discussed various ways in which the male role leads men to handle
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