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Lanval - Marie de France - LANVAL Marie de France: - The...

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LANVAL Marie de France: - The romance is always about how a hero confronts it’s own demons - She was a women poet and was a transition figure between history and romantic view of Arthur - We don’t know much about her but we know from her collection of poems based on Anglo-Saxon translation which she put into Norman-French - She claims she is from France but has an aristocratic background and knowledge o Marie the abbess of Shadberry – illegitimate half sister of the king of England o Marie the abbess of Reading – large library in area where poems may have been kept - A lay (lai) is a short rhyme romance (a hero conquers his own demons as mentioned above) o You go on a quest and are presented with your own failings and return as a better person and often find a true love - The lay was practiced by wondering story-tellers known as trouvere - The land of fairies is known as the otherworld in Celtic law o You go into the woods and cross a stream and you are then in fairy land - The period of Henry II was filled with greed and pretentious feelings o Eleanor of Aquitaine spent most of her time teaching her sons to take the thrown - 5 surviving manuscripts of her writings - The correct English and French names makes it difficult to determine where Marie de France is truly from LANVAL: - The story opens with all the knights hanging out together but the darker sides of the court show that the king decides who marries who and money gives power - Lanval is a Britannic name and King Arthur is fighting the Scots and the Picts - Logres is known as the kingdom of Arthur - It is Pentecost and Arthur presents gifts and lands as rewards to knights and barons for their bravery
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Lanval - Marie de France - LANVAL Marie de France: - The...

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