Marsh bone wars 1870 1897 1870 20 bone cabin quarry

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Unformatted text preview: 20 Bone Cabin Quarry site, Como Bluffs, Wyoming The Age of Exploration 1900 - 1960 21 The Great Canadian Dinosaur Rush 19111911-1925 Joseph Tyrell Albertasaurus Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach Werner Janensch Tanzania Expedition (1907(19071913) Bahariya Oasis, Egypt (1911) AMNH Central Asiatic Expeditions Roy Chapman Andrews 22 Edwin Colbert and Coelophysis Coelophysis Ghost Ranch, New Mexico (1947) Dinosaur Renaissance: The Age of Paleobiology 1960 - Present 23 Deinonychus anthirropus John Ostrom (Yale) 24 Dinosaurology Then and Now Phil Currie, Canada Paul Sereno Sereno University of Chicago Ji Qiang & Mark Norell, Yixian Fm. Mary Schweitzer, North Carolina State Pat Vickers-Rich Australia Fernando Novas, Argentina 25 Why Dinosaurs? 26...
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