Extraordinary animal iguana teeth 16 sir richard owen

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Unformatted text preview: eth 16 Sir Richard Owen: contentious visionary 1804 - 1892 1842 “Dinosauria” Historical Atlas of the Dinosaurs, Michael Benton, 1996 17 The Golden Age 1850 - 1900 Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins Crystal Palace, 1853-54 Joseph Leidy 1823-1891 University of Pennsylvania, etc... 1858 Hadrosaurus “The great disproportion of size between the fore and back parts of the skeleton of Hadrosaurus leads me to suspect that this great extinct herbivorous lizard may have been in the habit of browsing, sustaining itself, kangaroo-like, in an erect position on its back extremities and tail.” 18 Thomas Henry Huxley 1860’s: the Dinosaur-Bird Connection Compsognathus Louis Dollo 1878 31 Iguanodons from Bernissart, Bernissart, Belgium 19 Henry Govier Seeley (Woodwardian Museum, Cambridge) 1887 publication proposed fundamental subdivision of dinosaurs, based on hip structure 1887 Edward Drinker Cope Othniel C. Marsh ‘Bone Wars’: ~1870-1897 ~1870-...
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