Seed clam eggegg eaters oviraptosaurids nesting

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Unformatted text preview: rs? oviraptosaurids NESTING Oviraptor nest Oviraptor nest EGGS ~’Missing link’: shows paired oviducts (like crocodilians) but only one egg/oviduct (like birds) 7 5/24/2013 Tarbosaurus eggs? Therizinosaur eggs Clade: Therizinosauria Derived traits: Long neck Very large claws 8 5/24/2013 3. Sauropod-like skulls Sauropodwith plant-eating –style plantteeth Nothronychus Therizinosaurus 9 5/24/2013 Clade: Troodontidae Derived traits: BIGGEST dinosaur brains frontHuge frontfacing eyes Saurornithoides Excellent hearing and vision Large, asymmetrical middle ear cavities Excellent in troodontids Raptors! 10 5/24/2013 Clade: Dromaeosauridae Derived traits: Velociraptor Wishbone (furcula) (furcula) Enlarged , retractable claw on 2nd toe 11 5/24/2013 reptile Dromaeosaurids and Troodontids Brains BRAINS mammal bird Troodon, Troodon, Velociraptor Data from Grant Hurlburt Wishbone (furcula) (furcula) 12 5/24/2013 Veliciraptor quill knobs Utahraptor 1 ton? 5-7 m 5- Bambiraptor? Bambiraptor? (<5 (<5 lbs.) Megaraptor? Megaraptor? Megaraptor 13 5/24/2013 251 Therizinosauroidea Troodontidae Ornithomimosauria Overall Triassic 200 Dromaeosauridae Jurassic 146 Oviraptosauria Cretaceous DERIVED THEROPODA TIME SCALE 65.5 Global Distribution of derived theropods Ornithomimosaurs Oviraptosaur...
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