Decision trees vs svm hase et althe elements of

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Unformatted text preview: friend yes got electricity? read book got new dvd? play computer watch tv Decision Trees •  •  •  •  Fast training Fast prediciton Easy to understand Easy to interpret Decision Tree - Idea E B C A A B C D E Bishop, “Pa4ern Recogni%on and Machine Learning”, Springer, 2006 D Decision Tree - Predic%on E B C A A B C D E D Decision Tree - Training •  Learn the tree structure: –  which feature to query –  which threshold to choose A B C D E Node Purity 10 7 E 7 2 3 5 B 3 2 C A A B C D E D When to Stop •  •  •  •  •  node contains only one class node contains less than x data points max depth is reached node purity is sufficient you start to overfit => cross- valida%on Decision Trees - Disadvantages •  Sensi%ve to small changes in the data •  Overfitng •  Only axis aligned splits Decision Trees vs SVM Has%e et al.,”The Elemen...
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