Hase et althe elements of stascal learning data mining

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Unformatted text preview: ts of Sta%s%cal Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Predic%on”, Springer (2009) Wisdom of Crowds The collec%ve knowledge of a diverse and independent body of people typically exceeds the knowledge of any single individual, and can be harnessed by vo%ng. James Surowiecki h4p://socialmedia4srm.wordpress.com/ Ensemble Methods •  A single decision tree does not perform well •  But, it is super fast •  What if we learn mul%ple trees? For mul%ple trees we need even more data! Bootstrap •  •  •  •  Resampling method from sta%s%cs Useful to get error bars on es%mates Take N data points Draw N %mes with replacement •  Get es%mate from each bootstrapped sample Bagging •  Bootstrap aggregating •  Sample with replacement from your data set •  Learn a classifier for each bootstrap sample •  Average the results Bagging Example x2 x1 Bagging •  •  •  •  Reduces overfitng (variance) Normally uses one type of classifier Decision trees are popular Easy to parallelize Boos%ng •  Also ensemble method like Bagging •  But: –  weak learners evolve over %me –  votes are weighted •  Be4er than Bagging...
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