Which kernel parameter values which value for c try

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Unformatted text preview: Classifier/ JSupportVectorApplet.html Tips and Tricks •  SVMs are not scale invariant •  Check if your library normalizes by default •  Normalize your data –  mean: 0 , std: 1 –  map to [0,1] or [- 1,1] •  Normalize test set in same way! Tips and Tricks •  RBF kernel is a good default •  For parameters try exponen%al sequences •  Read: Chih- Wei Hsu et al., “A Prac%cal Guide to Support Vector Classifica%on”, Bioinforma%cs (2010) Parameter Tuning •  Given a classifica%on task •  Which kernel ? •  Which kernel parameter values? •  Which value for C? Try different combina%ons and take the best. Grid Search Zang et al., “Iden%fica%on of heparin samples that contain impuri%es or contaminants by chemometric pa4ern recogni%on analysis of proton NMR spectral data”, Anal Bioanal Chem (2011) Mul% Class One vs. All One vs All •  Train n classifier for n classes •  Take classifica%on with greatest posi%ve margin •  Slow training Mul% Class One vs. One One vs One •  Train n(n- 1)/2 classifiers •  Take majority vote •  Fast training Decision Tree no aSer 10 pm? call...
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