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Unformatted text preview: years later (Friedman et al. 2000): –  Adaboost minimizes exponen%al loss func%on. •  There s%ll are open ques%ons. Random Forest •  Builds upon the idea of bagging •  Each tree build from bootstrap sample •  Node splits calculated from random feature subsets h4p://www.andrewbun%ne.com/ar%cles/about/fun Random Forest •  All trees are fully grown •  No pruning •  Two parameters –  Number of trees –  Number of features Random Forest Error Rate •  Error depends on: –  Correla%on between trees (higher is worse) –  Strength of single trees (higher is be4er) •  Increasing number of features for each split: –  Increases correla%on –  Increases strength of single trees Out of Bag Error •  Each tree is trained on a bootstrapped sample •  About 1/3 of data points not used for training •  Predict unseen points with each tree •  Measure error Out of Bag Error data points...
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