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Over evidence sets probabilisc reasoning needed to

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Unformatted text preview: eport POMDPs POMDPs s   MDPs have:         States S Ac)ons A Transi)on func)on P(s |s,a) (or T(s,a,s )) Rewards R(s,a,s ) a s, a s,a,s s   POMDPs add: b   Observa)ons O   Observa)on func)on P(o|s) (or O(s,o))   POMDPs are MDPs over belief states b (distribu)ons over S)   We ll be able to say more in a few lectures a b, a o b Example: Ghostbusters   In (sta)c) Ghostbusters:   Belief state determined by evidence to date {e}   Tree really over evidence sets   Probabilis)c reasoning needed to predict new evidence given past evidence   Solving POMDPs   One way: use truncated expec)max to compute approximate value of ac)ons   What if you only considered bus)ng or one sense followed by a bust?   You get a VPI ­ba...
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