So far a very strange way of doing a very simple

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Unformatted text preview: weight vectors (or the feature vectors)! Dual Perceptron   Start with zero counts (alpha)   Pick up training instances one by one   Try to classify xn,   If correct, no change!   If wrong: lower count of wrong class (for this instance), raise count of right class (for this instance) Kernelized Perceptron   If we had a black box (kernel) K that told us the dot product of two examples x and x’:   Could work en)rely with the dual representa)on   No need to ever take dot products (“kernel trick”)   Like nearest neighbor – work with black ­box similari)es   Downside: slow if many examples get nonzero alpha Kernels: Who Cares?   So far: a very strange way of doing a very simple calcula)on   “Kernel trick”: we can subs)tute any* similarity func)on in place of the dot product   Lets us learn new kinds of hypotheses *...
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