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Chem 90 Position Paper 2 - Sara Carlson Chem90 AIDS Testing...

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Sara Carlson Chem90 March 16, 2006 AIDS Testing Should Not Be Mandatory For Health Care Workers If the United States were to make AIDS testing mandatory for all health care workers, it would easily create an unnecessary fear and bias in the workplace. If health care occupations began discriminating against people with AIDS, over 25,000 health care workers would be out of their jobs. Doctors, nurses, dentists and all other health care workers are trained professionals and are aware of procedures they need to follow in order to prevent transmission of AIDS. The most important factor of this debate is the probability of transmitting AIDS from health care workers to patients, and we have found that this probability is amazingly low. In order to make this decision we must look at the past history of AIDS transmission, the risk involved and the procedures for other infections. The major fact that we have to take into consideration is that there has only been once case where a health care worker has transmitted AIDS to patients. Florida dentist David Acer transmitted AIDS to five patients in 1991. If we look at the statistics of AIDS in the United
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Chem 90 Position Paper 2 - Sara Carlson Chem90 AIDS Testing...

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