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Sara Carlson January 31, 2007 BIOS120 – 113 Extremophile Summary: Finding new organisms always leads to millions of new questions in science. The more we know about life, the more we realize we have yet to learn. Extremophiles live in places where we used to think were inhabitable. Because the discovery of extremophiles is very new, it has opened up a lot of questions for scientists. How do we use these organisms to our benefit? What are the limits for life? Where else could organisms be living that we have never even thought of? Our technology has limits and the funding for answering these questions is sparse. We talked about the methods for answering these questions, is more logical to follow the scientific method and use what we already know to guide us? Maybe the only way to find out more is by lucky accidents. My belief is that science should be structured and we should use our previous
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge to point us in the right direction. We may make the wrong decisions using this method, but we also cannot rely on trying to find a needle in a haystack. Researchers have found that extremophiles thrive in very harsh environments. Different species can deal with extreme heat, cold, acidity or basic conditions. We do not know very many specifics yet, but scientists have already begun using the enzymes of the extremophiles for processes that involve refrigeration or hot areas. One very important use of these “extremozymes” is for the polymerase chain reaction, which can now be done at a higher temperature in a shorter amount of time. This is a very important scientific discovery because it leads to improved technology, which will help expand our knowledge and lead to future discoveries....
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