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Q since only the surface temperature of the parkcles

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Unformatted text preview: factor grain size Applied Pressure 21 Spark Plasma Sintering The SPS process is based on the electrical spark discharge phenomenon: a high energy, low voltage spark pulse current momentarily generates spark plasma at high localized temperatures, from several to ten thousand ℃ between the parKcles resulKng in opKmum thermal and electrolyKc diffusion. SPS sintering temperatures range from low to over 2000 ℃ which are 200 to 500 ℃ lower than with convenKonal sintering. VaporizaKon, melKng and sintering are completed in short periods of approximately 5 to 20 minutes, including temperature rise and holding Kmes. 22 Spark Plasma Sintering Mechanism SPS process is a pressure assisted pulsed current sintering process uKlizing ON- OFF DC pulse energizing. The repeated applicaKon of an ON- OFF DC pulse voltage and current between powder materials, the spark discharge po...
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