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MSE_442_Lecture_23_Nov 18 2013

13 abnormal grain growth in dense solids q abnormal

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Unformatted text preview: h in Dense Solids q༇ Microstructures of polycrystalline materials that have been heated for some Gme oeen show very large grains in a fine- grained matrix. q༇ The large grains are referred to as abnormal grains, and they are said to have developed as a result of abnormal or runaway grain growth in which the large grains have a much faster growth rate relaGve to the surrounding fine- grained matrix. 11 Abnormal Grain Growth in Dense Solids More precisely, it is marked by the appearance of a bi- modal grain size distribuGon In- situ SEM- EBSD image of late- stage abnormal grain growth in nanocrystalline nickel 12 Abnormal Grain Growth in Dense Solids q༇ It is important to understand abnormal grain growth and to be able to control it for the two key reasons discussed earlier §༊  the large grains limit the...
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