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First the measured mobiliges of the oxides are well

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Unformatted text preview: distribuGon of grain sizes, bonding a large seed crystal to the matrix, and annealing the system to make the boundary of the seed crystal migrate into the matrix, converGng virtually the enGre sample into a single grain. BaTiO3 single crystal growth 18 Controlled Use of Abnormal Grain Growth q༇  The in situ growth of a controlled distribuGon of anisotropic abnormal grains in a fine- grained matrix has been used to enhance the fracture toughness of Si3N4, SiC, and mullite. Self- reinforced silicon nitride, showing the interac4on of a propaga4ng crack with the microstructure 19 Controlled Use of Abnormal Grain Growth q༇  PreferenGal alignment of growing anisotropic grains leads to texturing of the microstructure, which may cause the development of anisotropic properGes in some ceramics. q༇  For example, the dielectric constant of bismuth Gtanate is signi...
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