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MSE_442_Lecture_23_Nov 18 2013

Some single crystal ferrites are actually made in

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Unformatted text preview: undary properGes can arise in pracGce. q༇  One factor is the structure and misorientaGon of the grain boundary. Special or low- angle grain boundaries, which result when two grains have only a slight misorientaGon relaGve to one another, possess a lower energy than general boundaries that may have high misorientaGon angles. q༇  Transfer of mager from the surrounding grains to the low- energy boundaries results in abnormal grain growth. 15 Abnormal Grain Growth in Dense Solids q༇  Low- energy grain boundaries usually have low mobility, so growth is slow normal to and rapid parallel to the low energy boundaries, oeen resulGng in faceGng and anisotropic abnormal growth Large faceted grains in a polycrystalline spinel. The Faceted grain growth in TiO - doped Al O 2 23 straight boundaries of the large grains suggest a (500 ppm Ti) 16 crystallographic orientaCon of low energ...
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