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Q because of their inuence on the boundary mobility

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Unformatted text preview: cantly higher in the direcGon of alignment than in the perpendicular direcGon - beneficial for several applicaGons in the electronic ceramic industry. Bismuth 4tanate with a microstructure of aligned anisotropic grains, giving anisotropic dielectric proper4es 20 Mechanisms Controlling the Boundary Mobility q༇  So far we have limited our analysis of grain growth to the case of single- phase solids in which the boundary mobility Mb, termed the intrinsic boundary mobility is controlled by the diffusion of the atoms of the grain across the boundary. q༇  However, boundary mobiliGes determined from grain growth data for dense or nearly dense ceramics are oeen found to be significantly lower than the calculated intrinsic mobility 21 Mechanisms Controlling the Boundary Mobility q༇  Wh...
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