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Q for example the dielectric constant of bismuth

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Unformatted text preview: y. Controlled Use of Abnormal Grain Growth q༇  Whereas the suppression of abnormal grain growth is commonly a key goal in sintering, the ability to exploit abnormal grain growth in a controlled manner can provide significant benefits for several ceramic systems. q༇  For example, seeding a fine- grained polycrystalline ceramic with a very large grain does have the effect that this grain will become very large before the slower growing matrix will have developed an average size even comparable to the seed grain. Some single crystal ferrites are actually made in this way. 17 Controlled Use of Abnormal Grain Growth q༇  BaTiO3, Al2O3, and lead magnesium niobate–lead Gtanate single crystal growth - the procedure involves consolidaGng and sintering nearly monodisperse ferrite parGcles to form a fine- grained matrix with a narrow...
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