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MSE_442_Lecture_23_Nov 18 2013

Q transfer of mager from the surrounding grains to

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Unformatted text preview: againment of high density §༊  can be detrimental to the material’s engineering properGes. 13 Abnormal Grain Growth in Dense Solids q༇  Abnormal grain growth can occur as a result of variable (or anisotropic) grain boundary energy or mobility. q༇  Abnormal grain growth is favored for grains with boundaries that have a higher mobility or a lower energy than the surrounding matrix grains. q༇  The following Figure shows the results of simulaGons in which the single abnormal grain embedded in a fine- grained matrix has a size that is 6 Gmes the average size and a mobility that is 7.5 Gmes the mobility of the fine grains. The abnormal grain is predicted to grow faster than the average size of the surrounding matrix. 14 Abnormal Grain Growth in Dense Solids q༇  There are several ways in which variable grain bo...
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