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ARC132H2 Notes 1/31/08 Midterm on February 14 th Postmodernism -Postmodernism is a term applied to a wide-ranging set of developments in philosophy, art, literature, culture and architecture which are generally characterized as emerging from, in reaction to, or superceding, modernism. -Term was coined in 1949 to describe dissatisfaction with modern architecture, leading to the movement characterized by revival of traditional elements and techniques. -The functional and formalized shapes of the modernist movement are replaced by diverse aesthetics, style collision and fom adaptation for its own sake. -New ways of viewing familiar style and space abound. -The death of modern architecture: Charles Jencks announced the death of modern architecture in the first chapter of his book “The Language of Post Modern Architecture”. -Housing in St. Louis that embodied the principles of modern architecture (and urban
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Unformatted text preview: architecture: sun, space and greenery) was blown up after conscious vandalism in 1972.-Univalent: architecture that is created around one or a few simplified values-Univalent form leads to confused meaning-Univalent formalist and inadvertent systems-Postmodernist philosophy had tried to deconstruct language and describe the codified meanings of signs and symbols (semiotics)-The revival of old and familiar forms no longer necessarily connected them to its original meaning or uses.-Classical forms such as the column, the keystone, the gable, the arch, and profiles of moldings provided designers with countless opportunities to compose facades. (See Vanna Venturi House, Robert Venturi 1964)-Familiar shapes and details are used in unexpected ways. Buildings may incorporate symbols to make a statement or simply to delight the viewer.-...
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