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ARC132 Lecture Notes 3/27/08 O.M.A. (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) / Rem Koolhaus -Koolhaus applies a theoretical model for action from an ideal -Architects’ hold on city development is slipping as the “megalopolis” grows out of control -Strategy around contemporary phenomena -Traditional city is arranged according to hierarchies of difference; a church on a hill surrounded by concentric circles of buildings of graduating influence -Le Corbusier wanted to use space and a convergence of ideas of mechanical production and revolutionary images of modernity (at the time: assembly lines and factories) -Serial repetition is not a distillation of modern aspects but it modernity itself -Hierarchy has been eliminated; the church and even the city hall is no longer the centre
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Unformatted text preview: of the design-There remains a regularity of urban form but it is now instilled with a complexity of depth and motion-Koolhaus sees Manhattan as the model for he modern city-Individual works of architecture are no longer the most important agent-Difference and variety are contained within each building with no outward expression; floor height, material, shape and window style differ from one block to the next-1931 Downtown Athletic Club in Manhattan: interior of difference, refashioned today in buildings that occupy much less compact urban territories-Zeebrugge Ferry Terminal-Naturalness is undermined in parks; it is seen as added on in swatches and rows-Koolhaus and antisentimentalism-Pollack: canvas is a record of expressive choreography taken with paintbrush in hand...
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