From Fundamentalists to New Evangelicals

From Fundamentalists to New Evangelicals - From...

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Unformatted text preview: From Fundamentalists to the "New Evangelicals" What if.. Extra Sensory Perception Bibliomancy ETs/UFOs Demons &/or spirit possession Ghosts Communication w/ spirit world Psychokinesis Psychometry Faith healing Intercessory prayer Premonition Quiz 4/4 What are some of the strategies Billy Graham employed to reach the youth culture of the 1960s? Why would strategies like these be considered necessary or useful? What's so Bad About Billy Graham? Cooperates with Catholics and mainline Protestants Endorsed Martin Luther King, Jr. A known womanizer with Marxist ideas The famous evangelist b.1918 Simplistic view of Christian Doctrine Some General Characteristics of Fundamentalism Separation from modern culture No compromise Keep the Church pure Corruption by association The Roman Catholic Church The National Association of Evangelicals Ecumenical organizations (different religions working together) Feminism, modernism, postmodernism, etc Harry Potter Some General Characteristics of Fundamentalism Premillenialism Antievolutionary views Premillennial dispensationalism Embrace a variety of alternative theories until midtwentieth century 1950s onward: sixday creation most common Bible is the complete Word of God throughout Biblical Inerrancy Liberal Protestantism (early 1900s) Modern science Darwinism Social sciences Social Reform Prohibition Public education Eliminating poverty Better treatment for the poor Eugenics Harry Fosdick (18781969) Liberal Baptist minister Make society Christian Liberal Protestantism (early 1900s) The New ("Higher") Criticism The Bible as a product of history Record of God's will unfolding Not the literal Word of God Christianity as a part of culture It has to change over time Has different meanings for different societies Harry Fosdick (18781969) Liberal Baptist minister Progress and evolution "...the liberal attempt at reconciling Christianity with modern science has really relinquished everything distinctive of Christianity, so that what remains is in essentials only that same indefinite type of religious aspiration which was in the world before Christianity came upon the scene. In trying to remove from Christianity everything that could possibly be objected to in the name of science, in trying to bribe off the enemy by those concessions which the enemy most desires, the apologist has really abandoned what he started out to defend." (1923) J. Gresham Machen: Liberals are not Christians J Gresham Machen (18811937) The "New Evangelicalism" Separation from Fundamentalism We have to engage with the culture Fundamentalists too withdrawn Make Christianity relevant in society again Bridging the gap between conservative and mainstream Public Presence Schools Fuller Theological Seminary Wheaton College Importance of salvation over complete understanding of doctrine Christianity today Parachurch Organizations Christian media Engaged Orthodoxy The Evangelical Paradox Need to engage with culture to propagate the Gospel Need to remain separate from culture to keep our integrity as Christians Ongoing struggle to be in the world but not of it ...
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