Math 241, Section E1H, Fall 2013, Final Exam Information

Keep in mind however that these questions do not

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Unformatted text preview: y of the concepts and techniques. Keep in mind, however, that these questions do not cover every topic, so you should not rely on these questions alone. To be fully prepared for the exam, you should still go through the entire material, section by section, review your class notes, and review/redo the homework problems. See the above midterm checklists for notes on Calculus I and II skills, computations, sample exams, exam day advice, and miscellaneous hints and comments. Post exam 3 syllabus and checklist Here is a detailed syllabus and a section- by- section checklist of topics, concepts, formulas, and techniques that you should be familiar with, as well as typical computational tasks. Once you feel comfortable with the basic concepts and know all formulas, try yourself at frequent, but routine types of problems. For each of these types of problems you can find examples (usually more than one) in the book and among...
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