Math 241, Section E1H, Fall 2013, Final Exam Information

There may also be questions that ask for the precise

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Unformatted text preview: ork problems. There may also be questions that ask for the precise statement of a definition, theorem, or formula. See the midterm exams (on Learn@Illinois with solutions) for the general format of the exam. The final exam will be cumulative and cover the material of midterm exams 1 - 3, each given approximately equal weight, plus the material covered after the last midterm, with slightly higher weight. As a general rule, anything that was covered in class or in the homework assignments (except the honors homework, which is of a different nature) is fair game for the exam! If you are not sure, ask bef ore the exam. Here are links to the syllabi for the three midterms, and a list of material covered after the third midterm exam. Midterm exam 1 syllabus and checklist Midterm exam 2 syllabus and checklist Midterm exam 3 syllabus and checklist Post exam 3 syllabus and checklist: see below Concept Check and True/False quest ions: Working through the "Concept Check" and "True/False Quiz" sections in the Stewart text is an excellent way to prepare for the exam and help detect any gaps you have in your master...
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