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G fluid electricity heat 168 stoke s the ore m stokes

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Unformatted text preview: ate of flow) of "stuff" of various kinds (e.g., fluid, electricity, heat) 16.8: Stoke s' The ore m Stokes' Theorem 16.9: Div e rge nce The ore m (also calle d Gauss' The ore m ) Divergence Theorem Relevant review questions from the text Chapter 16 (page 1135- 1138) Concept check: 1 - 15. GOOD LUCK! stefanm/math241- fa13- final.html 3/4 12/22/13 M ath 241, Section E1H, Fall 2013, Final Exam Infor mation Last modif ied: Wednesday 11 December 2013 stefanm/math241- fa13- final.html 4/4...
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