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Jeffrey Carter 003264286 Comm . 120 Public Speech Critique Mike Huckabee at Values Voters -- My introduction -- I choose this speech because as I was looking around on the Internet for a good speaker to listen to, I came across multiple places that endorsed his speeches as "the best speeches since Reagan" . Personally I haven't heard many or probably any speeches from Reagan, but obviously Huckabee has made an impression on some people for them to compare him to Reagan . It feels that the main idea of his speech is obviously get people to vote for him to be the next President, but it’s also to rally people in the belief that we need to be united as a nation . That many people "come to you" and Huckabee is supposedly different because he came from a blue-collar family that was not as important as the next . He ties everyone together, whether they are a millionaire, a school teacher, a stock broker, whoever, and the whole reason someone should be running for president is to bring about a better nation, not just as another "job" . He wants the people to give him support so he can not only just "talk" about the fixing of our problems, but to actually fix our problems by doing something about it . Mike Huckabee is a former Governor of Arkansas and was a Republican candidate for president in 2008 . Huckabee is an ordained minister who earned a B .A. from Ouachita Baptist University in 1975 and a master's degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1980 . He served as a pastor of Baptist congregations in
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4page - Jeffrey Carter 003264286 Comm. 120 Public Speech...

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