Metamorphosis - Interpreting "The Metamorphosis" Jill...

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Interpreting “The Metamorphosis” Jill Varady English 102 October 19, 2006 Renzo
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Interpreting The Metamorphosis The word “Metamorphosis” is defined in the dictionary as a complete change of form either good or bad, structure, or substance, as transformation by magic or witchcraft. Franz Kafka wrote The Metamorphosis in 1912, taking only three weeks to write the story. The Metamorphosis showed us the idea that, if one chooses to devote their life entirely to work, they are no more than dull insects, yet if they devote their lives to freedom, they are no better off. The book Metamorphosis is about a man named Gregor who mysteriously wakes up from a night sleep and finds himself transformed into a bug, this physical change occurred "When Gregor woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin (Kafka, 29)”. This was just one of the changes that he experienced throughout the story. While this immediate physical change, supported by ensuing physical imagery, suggests that the “metamorphosis” introduced in the title is purely physical, other interpretations are also possible. When the reader relies upon the extended and embedded metaphors present in this text, he or she may construe Gregor Samsa’s transformation as an emotional, mental, or internal change. Everyone in Gregor’s family experienced changes brought on by Gregor's
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Metamorphosis - Interpreting "The Metamorphosis" Jill...

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