Speech Outline- Swimming - III. Breaststroke a. Like...

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Jill Varady Ms. Hill Speech 101 March 19, 2006 Speech Goal: I would like my audience to be able to understand the basic methods of the four different stroke of swimming. Intro: Are you ready for summer? I know I sure am. Swimming is one of my favorite things to do during the summer. Here are some different strokes you can try during your time at the pool. I. Butterfly Stroke a. Full out sweep, push down, and snap the hands and arms forward. b. Inhale at the end of stroke, kick like a dolphin. II. Backstroke a. head stable supported by water b. even kick like freestyle kicking c. Arm comes out of the water in backward motion and enters water behind the head.
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Unformatted text preview: III. Breaststroke a. Like butterfly, out sweep, push out. b. Keep your legs close together and pull them up toward your chest. c. Kick out and apart with your legs d. Use the thrust of the pull with your hands to pull your head up and out of the water to take a breath IV. Free Style a. Body position- face down in water b. Breath to side c. Kick and even kick like in backstroke d. Arm stroke- hands in front of head. Elbow leaves the water first. Conclusion- I hope now you understand the 4 basic strokes of swimming. I hope that you all will go to the pool this summer and pratice on your own. Thank you....
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Speech Outline- Swimming - III. Breaststroke a. Like...

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