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Buisness ethics Chap 3 assignement fo course hero

Buisness ethics Chap 3 assignement fo course hero - Chapter...

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Chapter 3 Question #1 Page 89 For every action in life there is a reaction. Every decision has an effect ,and every behind every decision is the ethical process to reach that decision. In that process, one needs to understand what the difference is between being ethical and unethical. In this process, one need’s to reflect on past experiences to decide on what is ethical and what is not. In that reflecting one needs to look experiences in the workplace, personal life, and issues that have arisen in school in order to make this decision. What does being ethical in the workplace mean? There are many situations that arise that can make the public look at ones company and question, its business ethics. There is a one litmus test that I believe in, and that is “What would my family and friends say if I was on the front page of the Times?” One such example of this would be if I were to own a clothing company or corporation overseas, manufacturing items for a low cost. However, this low cost would be from the use of child labor. While in some countries the use of
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