Theology1-3 More Human person

Theology1-3 More Human person - There is something that is...

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1)Image Din 2)subject to sin 3)unity of body and soul 4)Rational Being 5)Conscience An interior law that the human person does not make That is not of its own making(church the rules are second -----Love----right action ----1 st Conscience the law of the heart more than the law of mind Christianity is a humanistic religion Conscience----fulfilled in love of god and= love of neighbor---unified Solidarity between human beings and Creates a society This is a problem because it is deformed through sin within us and can result in Moral blindness 6)Freedom Free will-choice between good and bad Thinking feeling express and action Good vs bad Freedom Ability to be what one truly is Ability to live acc to nature O to be one is in essences What human persons Ideal-human dignity center of creations Image of god In the eyes of the church we have difficulty in being/reaching freedom ones correspondence to being like god being your best self. Evil cant be free because freedom is goodness
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Unformatted text preview: There is something that is static that doesn’t change(dignity)(always have some element)---inherent dignity And there is something that does change—there is a level of good or bad becoming(freewill)-----Moral evolution-----De-evolution 7)Mortality Christian conception of a human person 9/3/07 Believers at fault for atheism Believers need to show atheist A) Opposed to natural law-----Atheist culpable partially B) Believers are bad at it they suck Community necessary?-----need bad ppl? need good ppl? contrast Morality doesn’t happen in a vacuum Community Goal?----Ambiguous---tyranny Sometimes good Only way to be selfless is with other people if fundamental sin selfishness Goal-------Salvation of the human person to become one with god(not just a Christian goal—according to church everyone) b/c it is the basis of true fraturingit and life Dialogue—with others and cant discriminate against them....
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Theology1-3 More Human person - There is something that is...

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