Theology1-6 Tradition and Scripture

Theology1-6 Tradition and Scripture - Deis say doesn’t...

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Inspiration What is the difference between Tradition and Scripture God act through secondary causes Formal cause Scrip-----Inspiration canonicity 1) Dictations—fundamental list/biblical 2) Post Facto(after the fact)—it got into the bible/cannon=inspired 3) Instrumental causality Everything has direct/ feel cause Effects it God inspires the authors in such a way that they have authorship and cognitions and they choose the Genre ——self consciousness Uses them to write down something that is true If we were talking about god directly it would be miracles ——if acted he would up set the natural order Inerrant(no errors) ——none in salvation God established the word World + up Secondary always causes by formal
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Unformatted text preview: Deis say doesn’t interfere with world at all Interpretation of Text ———Connect what you read to yourself personalize Reading of text———experience Cultured Past Judgment Application Author—context belief What he meant the author? —??? Literal——How Long dominate based on application ——What are the bear facts Present the basics of history what went down Why did they do it what was there reasons They are all his people Luke 14 if you don’t hate you mother and father All of it revelatory there must be a similarity Words in context How to interpret scripture Literal and spiritual senses —allegorical Moral Analogical Body of tradition...
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Theology1-6 Tradition and Scripture - Deis say doesn’t...

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