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On Optimum Switch Box Designs for 2-D FPGAs

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Unformatted text preview: to detailed-route any -way global routing in the S-boxes designed in III. , 8 I P  AN HYPER-UNIVERSAL To design a hyper-universal -design, we need to proceed Step III of the reduction design technique mentioned in Section 2. Fig. 3 provides a family of -designs for in which the label follows the labeling rule of S-box in Fig.1. These ’s are needed in the designing of a -design for all according to our technique. In [8], we have shown that is an optimum -design for . The following lemmas claim that ’s are hyper-universal or optimum -designs for . We will prove these lemmas later in this section. III. Design a hyper-universal S-box and a S-box with the number of switches as small as possible. Then a disjoint union of copies of s and an is a hyperS-box. universal , ¥£ ¦¥ ! ¥ HR  £  3. II. Determine and such that , and are as small as possible so that any -global routing is a union of subglobal routings of density and a subglobal routing of corresponds to density . (Note that as is...
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