Abc d lies on ab cd ab ad bd 4 cm and cd 5 cm where

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Unformatted text preview: decimal t 64. Use the guidelines in Section 4.5 to sketch the curve y 0 x sin x, 2 . Use Newton’s method when necessary. x |||| Find f . 65. f x 8 that is closest to the 0 in the interval 1, 2 correct to 63. Use Newton’s method to find the absolute maximum value of 65–72 point 3, 0 . 55. In x2 sin x 0 is A x 1 B y1 C sA2 B 2 2 62. Use Newton’s method to find all roots of the equation and four times the second number is 1000 and the product of the numbers is as large as possible. straight line Ax C L 58. A metal storage tank with volume V is to be constructed in the 0 has exactly 1, and f4 L C where K and C are known positive constants. What is the length of the wave that gives the minimum velocity? one real root. 46. Suppose that f is continuous on 0, 4 , f 0 2 cm. K v ; 43. Investigate the family of functions f x ; 44. Investigate the family of functions f x 363 57. The velocity of a wave of length L in deep water is 42. If f x ln sin x C . What features do the members of this family have in common? How do they differ? For which values of C is f continuous on , ? For which values of C does f have no graph at all? What happens as C l ? ❙❙❙❙ sx 5 67. f x ex 68. f x 21 69. f t 2t u 70. f u 2x s 66. f x f0 3 sin t, f0 su 3x s 1 5 f1 3 48 x 2, f0 , 6x 3 3 sec2x 8x sx ) x2 , 2 1 72. f x s (2 u 71. f x s 4 sx 5 2 4x s 1, 5, s f0 f0 s 2 2, s f1 s 0 s s s...
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