Ch 5 Infant Cognitive Development - BB

Sensorimotor period achievements dierentiate self

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Unformatted text preview: increasingly effective adaptations. Sensorimotor Period Achievements  Differentiate self from objects  Intentional behavior  Object permanence  A ­not ­B search error  Symbolic play Substages of Sensorimotor Stage  Stage 1: Reflexes (0 ­1 month)  Stage 2: Primary circular reactions (1 ­4 months)  Stage 3: Secondary circular reactions (4 ­8 months) Substages of Sensorimotor Stage  Stage 4: Coordination of schemes (8 ­12 months)  Stage 5: Tertiary circular reactions (12 ­18 months)  Stage 6: Beginnings of representational thought (18 ­24 months) Sensorimotor Period   Causality and relationships   Understanding the relationship between objects helps to make sense of the stream of perceptual information they receive from the world around them   Number   Awareness of number as an important tool for understanding the physical world...
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