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Summaries: 1/8/08 Systematic Design (D&C): Ch. 8 Select delivery system: review instructional analysis, logical clusters of objectives; plan learning components; choose student groupings; specify media & materials; assigne objectives to lessons; select/develop delivery system based on above steps. Learning context, new equipment, simultaneous steps all factors. Use instructional analysis for content sequence; cluster instruction according to age level learners, complexity of materials, type of learning, activity can be varied, amount of time for all events. Preinstructional activities: motivating learners (attention, relevance, confidence, satisfaction); inform learners of objectives; inform learner of prerequisite skills. Content presentation & examples: determine exactly what too present; avoid too much info. Learner participation: activities related to objectives. Assessment: use entry behavior test, pretest, practice test, posttest, formative/summative evaluation. Follow-through activities: memory, transfer of learning. Plan learning components according to learner maturity & ability level. Intellectual skill: provide ways to link new content w/ existing content; clear examples/nonexamples; congruence of practice to behavior in objective, link b/w new knowledge & prerequisite skills, familiar context; feedback about success & weakness; consider when, how to test & how results interpreted; transfer ability to reflect on, evaluate, & improve ways to manage strategies. Verbal information: use elaboration; memory device (mnemonic); provide correct response in feedback; give cues in tests. Motor skills: give executive subroutine & numerous opportunities to practice; give job aids for equipment. Attitude: teach behavior to be demonstrated & explain importance; developing or
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Summaries.1.8.coursehero - Summaries: 1/8/08 Systematic...

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