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Summaries: 1/29/08 Principles (Gagne): Ch. 12 : module: lesson or set of lessons; individualized instruction: consider particular needs; self-paced instruction: learner manages learning process and spends whatever time necessary to achieve objectives; adaptive instruction: online LMS measure progress and changes instructional content based on progress; central themes: 1. classify objectives by taxonomy of learning outcomes 2. sequence objectives with prerequisites 3. include appropriate events applying to all domains of instruction 4. incorporate particular conditions of learning relevant to domains in lesson; plan sequence for intellectual skill objective: 1. determine where learner at (starting point) 2. achieve skills in sequence (mastery) 3. provision for diagnose problem and relearn 4. sequence in relation to cognitive strategy (form sequence of steps for process); plan sequence for verbal info: 1. learn name/label through previous learned organized structure 2. relate facts to larger meaning (organizing in sequence; question or statements
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  • Spring '08
  • Wollard
  • pharmaceutical technology & cognitive science, plan sequence, instructional curriculum map, slight change scenario, current systematic instruction

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