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Unformatted text preview: of stress 15 9/2/13 measurement of the thermal environment psychrometric chart The psychrometric chart shows various properHes of moist air. If you know two of the properHes, you can use the chart to find the others. 16 9/2/13 psychrometric chart psychrometric chart The most commonly used properHes are: •  Dry bulb temperature – the temperature measured by a convenHonal thermometer •  Wet bulb temperature – used to determine the amount of moisture in the air •  Dew point – the temperature to which the air must be cooled for condensaHon to occur •  RelaHve humidity – the raHo of the amount of water vapor in the air compared to how much the air could hold at that temperature 17 9/2/13 psychrometric chart The psychrometric chart is demonstrated in the following video made by the North Carolina Contractor TesHng InsHtute: hjp://youtu.be/BCWnTNNcako the psychrometric chart is used to design climate control systems 18 9/2/13 psychrometric chart – what do you need to know for this class? You do NOT need to know how to solve problems using the chart. You need to know the correct name and spelling of psychrometric and the four most common moist air properHes it is used for. You need to know that the chart is used in the design of climate control systems for buildings. common thermal indices Dry- Bulb Temperature (measures 1 parameter) Measures only air temperature in the shade, but remains the most important single measure of thermal str...
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